Title Retirement on Manufactured Homes

Manufactured home owners who own both their home and the real property it sits on have the option of changing from a DMV issued title to a warranty deed.  This is called “retiring the title”.  Once the title is retired and the deed issued, future transfers will be via deeds instead of the old application for Florida title.

In order to retire your Florida title, you need to do the following:
File with the Clerk of Circuit Court - before a Certificate of Title for a manufactured home can be retired the following documents must be recorded with the Clerk of Circuit Court in the county where the home is located:
bulletThe certificate of title(s) for the manufactured home.
bulletIf applicable,  the original lien satisfaction, or statement from lienholder that such security interest will be released upon retirement of the certificate of title.
bullet  Legal description of the real property (this may be in the form of a simple statement, a copy of the Real Estate Tax Bill, or the warranty deed conveying the property. 
bulletIf applicable,  a copy of the lease agreement (for a period of 30 years or more).
bulletSworn statement by the owner shown on the real property deed or lease, that s/he is the owner of the manufactured home which is permanently affixed to the real property.

Fees are required when recording.  Please call that office for information on the fees required.  For homes located in Sarasota County, the phone number is (941) 861-7400 or visit the internet site at www.sarasotaclerk.com

File with the Tax Collector - before a Certificate of Title for a manufactured home can be retired the following documents must be filed with the Tax Collector:
bulletApplication for Retirement of a Manufactured Home Certificate of Title (Click here).  An application is required for each unit in a double or triple wide.  If the names are joined by "and" the signature of each owner is required on the form.
bulletA copy of the documents recorded with the Clerk of Circuit Court - after they have been recorded.
bulletAll Tangible Tax bills must be paid in full before a title transaction may occur.
There are no fees to retire a title in the Tax Collector's office.
I just bought my manufactured home.  Can I still have the title retired?
bulletYes.  The certificate of title must already be in your name or paperwork completed for transfer to your name (assuming you also have the deed to the real property) before the certificate of title can be retired.
Can any manufactured home have the title retired?
bulletNo.  The manufactured home must be declared as Real Property in the Property Appraiser's office before the title can be retired.

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