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Barbara Ford-Coates - Florida Tax Collector serving Sarasota County
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New Residents

Welcome to Sarasota County!
To ease the transition to your new home, below is information on services provided by the Tax Collector. Please note, in North Port, some transactions will be completed offsite and mailed to you. Appointments are recommended for all services, required in North Port, and can be scheduled online

Also, Sarasota County provides a "Starter Kit" which contains essential information for new residents; find our more online.

Attorney Tax: (formerly known as County Business Tax)
If you are an attorney practicing in Sarasota County, you are required to register and pay the annual Attorney Tax which funds the law library. Also, you may be required to file a tangible tax return with the Property Appraiser.

Driver's License or ID Card:
Florida requires that you update your address information on your driver's license within 30 days of moving. To obtain a Florida driver's license or ID card, review Florida’s extensive document requirements. In addition to the documents, you will need a valid out-of-state driver’s license and a vision test is required. If you already have a Florida driver's license or ID card, you are required to change your address within 30 days. When you get your driver's license, you can also register to vote.

To hunt or fish, you may be required to obtain a license. If you already have a hunting or fishing license, your address will be changed when you update your driver's license or ID card information.

Property Tax:
If you purchase a property, the new ownership information will be automatically updated on the tax roll by the Property Appraiser after the deed is recorded. You may wish to check your eligibility to file for any exemptions, including the homestead exemption, with the Property Appraiser.

Tourist Tax:
If you own a property that is rented for 6 months or less, you must register to collect Tourist Development Tax

Vehicle Title & Registration:
Florida law requires a vehicle to be registered within 30 days if the owner becomes employed, places children in school or establishes residency (applying for homestead property tax exemption or registering to vote). If you have relocated from out of state, you will need the current title to register and title your vehicle. If your title is being held by a lien holder, you must provide your registration. You must present proof of Florida insurance. The vehicle ID number must also be verified; therefore, you will need to bring the vehicle to our office or contact us regarding other arrangements. If your vehicle is already registered in Florida, you are required to change the address.

While Florida titles and registers most vessels, some states do not. If you are bringing your vessel to Florida from a state that issued you a title, it must be presented. If your vessel comes from a state that issued you a registration only, it must be presented. If your vessel is already registered in Florida, you are required to change the address.