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Disabled Parking Permit Overview

Disabled Parking Permit Overview

A Disabled Parking Permit may be issued to a Florida resident:

  • with a disability that limits or impairs a person’s ability to walk
  • who is certified as legally blind

The Parking Permit is issued to the disabled person and cannot be used by anyone else.

Permanent parking permit (blue)Permanent Parking Permit (blue
There is no charge for a permanent permit and it is valid for four years from the date of issuance, expiring on the applicant’s birthday. Renewals are issued for four years. An additional permit may be issued. An application and a Florida driver's license or a Florida ID Card is required unless you have a special exception by a certifying physician.

Temporary parking permit (red)Temporary Parking Permit (red
The fee for a temporary permit is $15.00 and it is valid for six months. A second permit may be issued when the first permit expires. If the application for the second permit is submitted within 12 months of the first permit's issuance, the second permit will be free. An application and a Florida driver's license or Florida ID card is required unless you reside out of state or out of country.

Parking Permits for Organizations 
Disabled parking permits may be issued to Florida organizations that provide regular transportation services to anyone with disabilities that limit or impair their ability to walk, or who is certified as legally blind. Parking permits are issued for four years and expire June 30th.

Out-of-State and Canadian Visitors 
Florida has a reciprocal agreement to recognize parking permits from all states and all Canadian Provinces and the Yukon Territory. Permits are not recognized from the Territory of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Foreign Visitors (not Canadian) 
Visitors from other countries who have valid disabled parking permits from their resident country may purchase a temporary permit for $15.00. A passport and current parking permit from the resident country are required. This permit is valid for 6 months and cannot be applied for by mail. Original documents and identification may be brought to any of our Service Centers. The documents may be brought in by a family member, friend or guardian and will be returned.