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Barbara Ford-Coates - Florida Tax Collector serving Sarasota County
Exceptional Staff - Exceptional Service


ID Card
Original ID Card$31.25
Replacement ID Card$31.25
Replace Stolen ID Card with law enforcement report$6.25
Driver's License
Please note that the license most Floridians have is a CLASS E
Administrative Fee for alcohol and drug related offenses$136.25
Child Support Suspensions$66.25
D-6 (Traffic or Court Ordered) Suspension$66.25
Delinquent Fee$15.00
Endorsements which allow the driver to operate:  
  H - Transportation of hazardous materials; requires placard & must  
        be 21 or older  
  MC - Motorcycle  
  N - Tanker, 1,000 gallon capacity or more  
  P - A vehicle designed to carry 16 or more persons including driver  
  S - School Bus  
  T - Vehicles with double or triple trailers  
  X - Combination of tanker and hazardous materials
$7.00 each
Financial Responsibility (Insurance)  
Liability-Related Suspension
Financial Responsibility (Insurance)  
PIP (Personal Injury Protection)-Related Suspension
$156.25 to $506.25
Knowledge Re-exam$16.25
Original CLASS E - Operator License$54.25
Original CDL - Commercial License$81.25
Original School Board CDL - Commercial License$54.25
Renewal CLASS E - Operator License$54.25
Renewal CDL - Commercial License$81.25
Renewal School Board CDL$54.25
Replacement License$31.25
Replace Stolen License with law enforcement report.$6.25
Revocations (additional Administrative Fee above required if drug or alcohol related)$81.25
Suspensions (additional Administrative Fee above required if drug or alcohol related)$51.25