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Non-Ad Valorem Assessment

In Florida, the real estate tax bill is a combined notice of ad valorem taxes and non-ad valorem assessments. Non-ad valorem assessments are not based on value but a unit of measure determined by the levying authority. The assessment periods vary and may not be based on the calendar year. Examples of non-ad valorem assessments are stormwater utility, fire and rescue, and solid waste collections.

The Levying Authorities certify the assessments to the Tax Collector who merges the ad valorem and non-ad valorem tax rolls and mails a tax bill to the owner’s last address of record.

The following is the contact information and the assessment periods for the levying authorities for the current tax year: CDD = Community Development District


Levying Authority Assessment Period Phone Email/Website
47 N Adams Parking Assessment District 1/16-12/16 941.954.4124
Blackburn Creek CDD 10/16-9/17 407.382.3256
Bobcat Trail CDD 10/16-9/17 954.603.0034
Englewood Fire Control 1/16-12/16 941.474.3311
Englewood Water/Sewer 1/16-12/16 941.460.1022
Glen Oaks Special
1/16-12/16 941.954.4124
Holiday Park 10/16-9/17 941.426.1585
Lakeside Plantation CDD 10/16-9/17 407.841.5524
Lighting and Public Improvement Districts (PIDs) 1/16-12/16 941.861.0927
Longboat Key Underground Assessment District 1/16-12/16 954.603.0034
Navigable Waterways 10/16-9/17 941.232.5541
North Port Fire & Rescue 10/16-9/17 941.240.8152
North Port Floribana/Sumter
10/16-9/17 941.429.7106
North Port Road & Drainage and Capital Bond 10/16-9/17 941.240.8087
North Port Solid Waste 10/16-9/17 941.240.8074
Sarasota County Fire Rescue 1/16-12/16 941.861.5000
Sarasota National CDD 10/16-9/17 877.276.0889
Sewer Districts
(except Englewood)
1/16-12/16 941.861.6762
Solid Waste Service Districts
(except North Port)
10/16-9/17 941.861.6758
Stoneybrook CDD 10/16-9/17 407.382.3256
Stormwater Districts
(including basins)
10/16-9/17 941.861.5000
The Woodlands CDD 10/16-9/17 954.603.0034
Toscana Isles CDD 10/16-9/17 877.276.0889
Tri-Par Estates 10/16-9/17 941.355.8747
Venetian CDD 10/16-9/17 407.472.2471
Water/Wastewater Districts
(except Englewood & North Port)
1/16-12/16 941.861.6762
West Villages Improvement District 10/16-9/17 877.737.4922