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Wheelchair License Plate

Wheelchair License PlateWheelchair License Plate​
The wheelchair plate may be issued to a disabled person who qualifies for a disabled parking permit and owns a vehicle.


Disabled Veteran Wheelchair License PlateDisabled Veteran Wheelchair License Plate
A Disabled Veteran may receive a wheelchair license plate for one vehicle registered in his/her name. The veteran must be honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces with a 100% service connected disability. This license plate cannot be issued for a manufactured home, a commercial vehicle or a truck with a gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds.


The following must be submitted for processing:

  • An Application for Disabled Person Parking Permit or Application for a Disabled, Disabled Veteran or Motorcycle Wheelchair Symbol License Plate
  • Proof of Florida Residency (one of the following):
    • A Florida Driver's License
    • A copy of the veteran's Declaration of Domicile, which has been properly filed with the Clerk of Circuit Court
    • A copy of the veteran's Florida Voter Information Card
    • An affidavit stating the veteran has been a resident of Florida continuously for the preceding five years
  • Proof of Disabled Veteran Eligibility stating 100% service-connected disability rating for compensation or service-connected disability rating of 100% and disability retirement pay from any branch of the United States Armed Services (one of the following):
    • A card issued by the United States Department of Veterans' Affairs or any branch of the Armed Services 
    • A letter issued by the United States Department of Veterans' Affairs or the Veterans Administration Office in St. Petersburg, FL