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Bringing a Vehicle to Florida

Out-of-State Title Transfer
Florida law requires a vehicle to be registered within 30 days if the owner becomes employed, places children in school or establishes residency (applying for homestead property tax exemption or registering to vote).


  1. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be verified and the mileage recorded to apply for a title. This can be done:
  • By bringing the vehicle to one of our Service Centers
  • With the proper form (HSMV 82042) completed by a
    • Florida notary
    • Florida automobile dealer
    • Florida police officer
    • Florida DMV inspector
    • Police officer in the state where the vehicle is located

You may obtain a temporary license plate for $5.00, valid for 10 days, to bring the vehicle for the inspection. The title or documentation with VIN, along with proof of current Florida insurance, must be presented in order for the temporary plate to be issued.

  1. Photo Identification - All registered owners must be present with photo ID to transfer a title. The only acceptable forms of ID are:
  • A valid Florida, out-of-state, U.S. territory, or Canadian driver's license
  • A valid state issued photo ID
  • A valid government issued passport
  1. Original Title - The original title must be presented. If it is held by a bank or other lending institution, please bring the current out-of-state registration.
  2. Florida Insurance - Proof of Florida insurance, a Florida insurance card, policy or binder issued by a Florida insurance agent is required. Florida requires that each motorist carry a minimum of $10,000 Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage Liability Insurance on all motorized vehicles (with the exception of trailers and motorcycles). Trucks with gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 26,001 pounds or more must present their Certificate of Liability insurance.
  3. Sales Tax - If your vehicle was purchased less than six months ago, bring the bill of sale or invoice; Florida sales tax may apply.
  4. All documents, checklist and fees can be viewed by downloading the Florida Title Packet.

Important Notices:
Military - Military personnel may be entitled to certain exemptions; bring copy of orders or a leave and earnings statement.

Trust - If the title will be issued in the name of a trust, copies of the official trust must be presented.

Business - If the title will be issued in a business name, proof the business is registered in Florida, the FEI number, and payment of the Business Tax, if applicable, will be required.