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Barbara Ford-Coates - Florida Tax Collector serving Sarasota County
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Purchase from Individual

Please Note: If you have purchased a vehicle that is titled in a state other than Florida, please contact our office at 941.861.8300, option 2 for instructions.

Before finalizing your purchase, you can check the vehicle's history. For $9.95, you can purchase a Title Check report containing the following:

  • Title Information: the current state of title & date of issue; previous titles reported by jurisdictions and odometer readings recorded when titles were issued
  • Brand History: if/when a title brand (labels such as “Junk” or “Flood”) has been applied by a state which may affect the value of a vehicle
  • Total Loss Data: if/when a vehicle was reported as a total loss by an insurance company; generally indicating the vehicle has suffered severe damage
  • Salvage Records: full salvage history including if/when the vehicle has been in possession of a salvage auction, auto parts recycler, rebuilder or other salvage-related business

Florida Title Transfer
When a vehicle is already titled in Florida, the title must be released by the seller(s) to the purchasers. The following is required to apply for a Florida Title and a packet has been designed to help process your transfer of a Florida Title by mail. For requirements and fees, download the Florida Title Packet

  1. Florida Title - The transfer of title by seller section must be completed with:
    • Purchaser’s name and address
    • Date of sale
    • Selling price
    • Mileage
    • Date mileage was recorded
    • Signature and printed name of seller(s). If there are two sellers and their names are joined by “and” on the title, both sellers must sign. If names are joined by "or", only one seller is required to sign.
    • Signature and printed name of purchaser(s). Anyone listed as an owner must sign and print their name.
    • If appointed power of attorney (POA), the original POA document must be presented at the time of application.

Title example

  1. Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration​ - form HSMV 82040 must be completed and signed by the purchaser(s) if both owners are not present.
  2. A Bill of Sale - suggested and may be required.
  3. Current Proof of Florida Insurance - Florida insurance card, policy or binder issued by a Florida insurance agent. If the vehicle will not be driven on the highways of FL, applicant must complete a non-use affidavit.
  4. Florida Registration - If transferring a valid Florida license plate, submit a copy of the current registration.
  5. Registration Fees - Fees are determined by vehicle weight, applicant’s birth month, usage and license plate type.
  6. Sales Tax - 6% sales tax will be collected on the purchase price. If the vehicle is registered to a Sarasota County address the first $5,000.00 of the purchase price is subject to an additional 1% discretionary sales surtax. If the vehicle will be registered in another Florida county, discretionary sales tax rates may differ.
  7. Proof of Identification - May be a valid driver's license or state issued identification card, from any state, or passport.
  8. If recording a lien, the lien holder's name, address, FEI and date of lien are required.
  9. If the title will be issued in the name of a trust, copies of the official trust must be presented. If the title will be issued in a business name then proof that the business is registered in Florida and the FEI number will be required.
  10. Military personnel should bring a copy of orders or a copy of leave and earnings statement.
  11. NOTE: Cross-outs, white-out, alterations, or erasures may void the title and may require you to submit a Notarized or Perjury Clause Bill of Sale signed by the seller.

For assistance, please contact our office at 941.861.8300, option 2.