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Trailers (Vessels, Utility)

Florida requires trailers that are 1,999 pounds or less (empty weight) to be registered; a title is not required. Trailers weighing 2,000 pounds or more (empty weight) are required to be registered and titled. To determine the weight of your trailer, Sarasota County has several weigh stations, and some locations may charge for this service; please call specific location for more information.

Sarasota County Weigh Stations
County Landfill 
4000 Knights Trail Rd., Nokomis
Glueck's Auto Parts 
4809 Preymore Street, Osprey
MasterRock, LLC 
3915 Goodrich Ave., Sarasota
Sun Coast Sanitation 
3971 Carmichael Ave., Sarasota
Waste Corp. America (WCA) 
8001 Fruitville Rd., Sarasota
Weight Services in Sarasota 
3900 N Orange Ave., Sarasota

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be verified. This can be done:

  • By bringing the vehicle to one of our Service Centers
  • With the proper form (HSMV 82042) completed by a
    • Florida notary
    • Florida automobile dealer
    • Florida police officer
    • Florida DMV inspector
    • Police officer in the state where the trailer is located

To register and/or title your trailer, please see below for the option that best describes your trailer.

Used Trailer, under 2,000 pounds, currently registered in Florida 
Documents Required:

  • Bill of Sale (BOS)
  • Previous owner’s registration - if the registration is not provided but the BOS contains the Trailer Identification Number (TIN) or license plate number, we will be able to verify the trailer information.
  • State-issued photo ID

Used Trailer, under 2,000 pounds, NOT currently registered in Florida 
Documents Required:

  • Bill of Sale*
  • Out-of-state title signed by the seller or registration
  • Weight slip (may be required if the empty or net weight is not indicated on the title/registration)
  • State-issued photo ID

*If the trailer was previously in a non-titled or non-registered state, the Bill of Sale should include year, make, TIN, certified weight slip and identify the state where the trailer was previously located.

In cases when a certified weight slip is required, a temporary license plate may be issued in order to legally take the trailer to be weighed. It is valid for 10-days, the fee is $5.00, the TIN number must be provided in order to issue the temporary plate.

New Trailer not currently registered in Florida 
Documents Required:

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of Sale
  • State-issued photo ID

Homemade Trailer (built from parts purchased or parts already owned at the time of construction) 

  • Year constructed
  • Certified weight slip
  • State-issued photo ID

If the trailer is under 2,000 pounds, a Trailer Identification Number will be generated by the computer. It is advisable to have this number die cut or affixed to the trailer. If the trailer is over 2,000 pounds, call the Florida Division of Motorist Services at 941.755.4551 to arrange for an appointment and upon inspection a Compliance Examiner will assign and affix a Trailer Identification Number.

Sales tax, if applicable, registration fees and title fees will be collected.